Over the past 30 years, TYH Marketing has been a regular supplier of sanitary wares for the marine industry. We pride ourselves in sourcing high-quality products from countries like Italy, Spain, USA, Japan, Korea and China. Strict quality control procedures are put into place to ensure that only the best are sold to our consumers. For sanitary wares used on board vessels, it is essential that quality is not compromised as the wares have to be of high enough standards to withstand the rigors of the rough seas. To date, we are proud to be the leading supplier of sanitary wares and pipe fittings for numerous Keppel Fels projects as well as prominent ship chandling companies such as Fuji Trading and Sinwa among many others.

Most of our marine products are also tailored according to the specifications given in the IMPA marine stores catalogue. Other than sanitary wares, we also specialize in cabin door hardware and furniture fittings. If you would like to search for a product via its IMPA code, you may do so using the search bar below.

Plumbing Fittings204

Conventional cabin bathroom improvements are a lot easier than you think. Simply get the right marine plumbing fitting to greatly improve the aesthetics and functionalities of your cabin lavatory. 

High Quality and Reliable Marine Plumbing Fittings

TYH Marketing is your one-stop-centre for your plumbing needs in the shipbuilding industry. Whether you’re remodeling or repairing, we have reliable, high-quality marine plumbing fittings that suit your needs, preferences, and budget.  From intuitive cabin bathroom accessories, to sophisticated flushing systems, and even eco-friendly sanitary wares; name them, we have them. With our range of fittings, you can achieve the bathroom look you always wanted. Established Brands At TYH Marketing, we distribute local and international brands of lavatory and plumbing fittings that are backed by a long history of customer satisfaction, durability, and ease of use.  Contact Us Now!  Want to get hold of the right marine plumbing fittings to help you achieve the bathroom that you have always wanted? Contact us at +65 6745 3748 or send us an email at Alternatively, you can physically visit our showroom to have a first-hand experience of our wide array of high-quality products.