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THY Marketing offers cabin door locks in various designs, materials, and shapes. We use the best techniques and high-quality raw materials to ensure that the quality of our marine door locks is not compromised. Our cabin/marine door locks online are classified into three main categories, namely: mortise latches, mortise locks, and rim locks. Mortise latches

  • HJ-2100
  • EX-1103
Made of stainless steel, both are mortise latches with lever handles. They fit standard cabin doors with a backset of 55mm. Mortise locks
  • HJ-2410
  • HJ-2310
  • EX-9225
  • EX-9210
  • EX-2305
  • EX-2270
  • EX-2310-RF
  • EX-2230
Made of stainless steel, most of our mortise locks come with a lever handle, cylinder & thumbturn and originate from Korea. Rim locks
  • EX-3600
  • EX-3330
Made of stainless steel, both originate from Korea and fit standard cabin doors with a backset of 54mm and 55mm. If you don’t see the marine door locks you’re looking for on our site, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be glad to further assist you as there are cases that the locks are available but not just listed online.  We look forward to hearing from you! Get in Touch With Us Today! Want to have peace of mind that your boat and marine gear are safe and secure? Check out our selection of marine door locks and contact us at +65 6745 3748 for more details. You may also send us an email at if you’re interested to buy marine door locks or order marine door locks online.